Hello Forum Members,

I'm trying to design a database that will support a dynamic questionnaire applications. What I mean is the questions most likely will change from time to time.

I want a database that will have a table to store the questions with expected results and the ability to pull the current question in the table and use them for a questionnaire. The questions and sub-questions are categorized using the following structure: Family, Control, Metric

For each questionnaire, I need to store the name, address, date etc and the answers to each question so that it can be retrieved.

Unfortunately, I need help..

Here is what I have so far. Can someone help me construct this into a meaningful solution?

t1: facilty
fac_id, name, phone, address

t2: test_cases
test_case_id, test_case_type, test_case_family, test_case_cntrl, test_case_metric, test_case_question, test_case_expectedResults

t3: tests
test_id, test_date, test_poc, test_control, test_actual_results, test_comments, test_artifact, fk_fac_id, fk_test_case_id

I was going to try and have foreign keys map back to the questions for retrieval purposes.. just not sure how to do all of this as I have limited database experience.

Thanks for your time