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    Question Unanswered: Help with form controls and multiple tables

    Hello, I use LibreOffice Base and have a database about films with the following tables and relations:

    FilmID (PK, integer, auto value)
    FilmName (text)
    Studio (integer)
    Category (integer)
    FilmDescription (memo)
    FilmCoverImage (image)

    StudioID (PK, integer, auto value)
    StudioName (text)
    BelongsToCompany (integer)

    CategoryID (PK, integer, auto value)
    CategoryName (text)

    CompanyID (PK, integer, auto value)
    CompanyName (text)

    These are the relations:

    tblCompanies.CompanyID [1--n] tblStudio.BelongsToCompany
    tblStudios.StudioID [1--n] tblFilms.Studio
    tblCategories.CategoryID [1--n] tblFilms.Category

    I want to make a form in which all information about a film is shown, with the following condition:

    The Studio and Category fields are shown in two list boxes, respectively.

    Plus, both list boxes must contain all their respective options so I can choose when registering a new film.

    There are some images attaches so you can have an idea of what I want.

    If you need more additional information, please ask.

    Thanks in advance!
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