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    Unanswered: On duplicate key Update did not work


    I encountered problem in using on duplicate key update..

    here is my query:

    INSERT INTO parameter_settings 
        (P27, P27_max, P27LOT_max, P27_maxdoz, P27Doz_max, P27_min, P27LOT_min, P27_mindoz, P27Doz_min,
         P28, P28_max, P28LOT_max, P28_maxdoz, P28Doz_max, P28_min, P28LOT_min, P28_mindoz, P28Doz_min,
         P30, P30_max, P30LOT_max, P30_maxdoz, P30Doz_max, P30_min, P30LOT_min, P30_mindoz, P30Doz_min,
         P32, P32_max, P32LOT_max, P32_maxdoz, P32Doz_max, P32_min, P32LOT_min, P32_mindoz, P32Doz_min,
         P32W, P32W_max, P32WLOT_max, P32W_maxdoz, P32WDoz_max, P32W_min, P32WLOT_min, P32W_mindoz, P32WDoz_min,
         P33, P33_max, P33LOT_max, P33_maxdoz, P33Doz_max, P33_min, P33LOT_min, P33_mindoz, P33Doz_min, 
         P35, P35_max, P35LOT_max, P35_maxdoz, P35Doz_max, P35_min, P35LOT_min, P35_mindoz, P35Doz_min,
         P35M, P35M_max, P35MLOT_max, P35M_maxdoz, P35MDoz_max, P35M_min, P35MLOT_min, P35M_mindoz, P35MDoz_min,
         P35W, P35W_max, P35WLOT_max, P35W_maxdoz, P35WDoz_max, P35W_min, P35WLOT_min, P35W_mindoz, P35WDoz_min,
         P38, P38_max, P38LOT_max, P38_maxdoz, P38Doz_max, P38_min, P38LOT_min, P38_mindoz, P38Doz_min,
         P41, P41_max, P41LOT_max, P41_maxdoz, P41Doz_max, P41_min, P41LOT_min, P41_mindoz, P41Doz_min,
         P42, P42_max, P42LOT_max, P42_maxdoz, P42Doz_max, P42_min, P42LOT_min, P42_mindoz, P42Doz_min,
         P43, P43_max, P43LOT_max, P43_maxdoz, P43Doz_max, P43_min, P43LOT_min, P43_mindoz, P43Doz_min,
         P45, P45_max, P45LOT_max, P45_maxdoz, P45Doz_max, P45_min, P45LOT_min, P45_mindoz, P45Doz_min,
         P46, P46_max, P46LOT_max, P46_maxdoz, P46Doz_max, P46_min, P46LOT_min, P46_mindoz, P46Doz_min,
         P47, P47_max, P47LOT_max, P47_maxdoz, P47Doz_max, P47_min, P47LOT_min, P47_mindoz, P47Doz_min,
         Total, Total_max, TotalLOT_max, Total_maxdoz, TotalDoz_max, Total_min, TotalLOT_min, Total_mindoz, TotalDoz_min
        ('$P27', '$P27_max', '$P27LOT_max', '$P27_maxdoz', '$P27Doz_max', '$P27_min', '$P27LOT_min', '$P27_mindoz', '$P27Doz_min',
         '$P28', '$P28_max', '$P28LOT_max', '$P28_maxdoz', '$P28Doz_max', '$P28_min', '$P28LOT_min', '$P28_mindoz', '$P28Doz_min',
         '$P30', '$P30_max', '$P30LOT_max', '$P30_maxdoz', '$P30Doz_max', '$P30_min', '$P30LOT_min', '$P30_mindoz', '$P30Doz_min',
         '$P32', '$P32_max', '$P32LOT_max', '$P32_maxdoz', '$P32Doz_max', '$P32_min', '$P32LOT_min', '$P32_mindoz', '$P32Doz_min',
         '$P32W', '$P32W_max', '$P32WLOT_max', '$P32W_maxdoz', '$P32WDoz_max', '$P32W_min', '$P32WLOT_min', '$P32W_mindoz', '$P32WDoz_min',
         '$P33', '$P33_max', '$P33LOT_max', '$P33_maxdoz', '$P33Doz_max', '$P33_min', '$P33LOT_min', '$P33_mindoz', '$P33Doz_min',
         '$P35', '$P35_max', '$P35LOT_max', '$P35_maxdoz', '$P35Doz_max', '$P35_min', '$P35LOT_min', '$P35_mindoz', '$P35Doz_min',
         '$P35M', '$P35M_max', '$P35MLOT_max', '$P35M_maxdoz', '$P35MDoz_max', '$P35M_min', '$P35MLOT_min', '$P35M_mindoz', '$P35MDoz_min',
         '$P35W', '$P35W_max', '$P35WLOT_max', '$P35W_maxdoz', '$P35WDoz_max', '$P35W_min', '$P35WLOT_min', '$P35W_mindoz', '$P35WDoz_min',
         '$P38', '$P38_max', '$P38LOT_max', '$P38_maxdoz', '$P38Doz_max', '$P38_min', '$P38LOT_min', '$P38_mindoz', '$P38Doz_min',
         '$P41', '$P41_max', '$P41LOT_max', '$P41_maxdoz', '$P41Doz_max', '$P41_min', '$P41LOT_min', '$P41_mindoz', '$P41Doz_min', 
         '$P42', '$P42_max', '$P42LOT_max', '$P42_maxdoz', '$P42Doz_max', '$P42_min', '$P42LOT_min', '$P42_mindoz', '$P42Doz_min',
         '$P43', '$P43_max', '$P43LOT_max', '$P43_maxdoz', '$P43Doz_max', '$P43_min', '$P43LOT_min', '$P43_mindoz', '$P43Doz_min',
         '$P45', '$P45_max', '$P45LOT_max', '$P45_maxdoz', '$P45Doz_max', '$P45_min', '$P45LOT_min', '$P45_mindoz', '$P45Doz_min',
         '$P46', '$P46_max', '$P46LOT_max', '$P46_maxdoz', '$P46Doz_max', '$P46_min', '$P46LOT_min', '$P46_mindoz', '$P46Doz_min',
         '$P47', '$P47_max', '$P47LOT_max', '$P47_maxdoz', '$P47Doz_max', '$P47_min', '$P47LOT_min', '$P47_mindoz', '$P47Doz_min',
         '$Total', '$Total_max', '$TotalLOT_max', '$Total_maxdoz', '$TotalDoz_max', '$Total_min', '$TotalLOT_min', '$Total_mindoz', '$TotalDoz_min'     
        ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE                                                                                                      
        P27 = '$P27', P27_max = '$P27_max', P27LOT_max = '$P27LOT_max', P27_maxdoz = '$P27_maxdoz', P27Doz_max = '$P27Doz_max',
        P27_min = '$P27_min', P27LOT_min = '$P27LOT_min', P27_mindoz = '$P27_mindoz', P27Doz_min = '$P27Doz_min',
        P28 = '$P28', P28_max = '$P28_max', P28LOT_max = '$P28LOT_max', P28_maxdoz = '$P28_maxdoz', P28Doz_max = '$P28Doz_max',
        P28_min = '$P28_min', P28LOT_min = '$P28LOT_min', P28_mindoz = '$P28_mindoz', P28Doz_min = '$P28Doz_min',
        P30 = '$P30', P30_max = '$P30_max', P30LOT_max = '$P30LOT_max', P30_maxdoz = '$P30_maxdoz', P30Doz_max = '$P30Doz_max',
        P30_min = '$P30_min', P30LOT_min = '$P30LOT_min', P30_mindoz = '$P30_mindoz', P30Doz_min = '$P30Doz_min',
        P32 = '$P32', P32_max = '$P32_max', P32LOT_max = '$P32LOT_max', P32_maxdoz = '$P32_maxdoz', P32Doz_max = '$P32Doz_max',
        P32_min = '$P32_min', P32LOT_min = '$P32LOT_min', P32_mindoz = '$P32_mindoz', P32Doz_min = '$P32Doz_min',
        P32W = '$P32W', P32W_max = '$P32W_max', P32WLOT_max = '$P32WLOT_max', P32W_maxdoz = '$P32W_maxdoz', P32WDoz_max = '$P32WDoz_max',
        P32W_min = '$P32W_min', P32WLOT_min = '$P32WLOT_min', P32W_mindoz = '$P32W_mindoz', P32WDoz_min = '$P32WDoz_min',
        P33 = '$P33', P33_max = '$P33_max', P33LOT_max = '$P33LOT_max', P33_maxdoz = '$P33_maxdoz', P33Doz_max = '$P33Doz_max',
        P33_min = '$P33_min', P33LOT_min = '$P33LOT_min', P33_mindoz = '$P33_mindoz', P33Doz_min = '$P33Doz_min',
        P35 = '$P35', P35_max = '$P35_max', P35LOT_max = '$P35LOT_max', P35_maxdoz = '$P35_maxdoz', P35Doz_max = '$P35Doz_max',
        P35_min = '$P35_min', P35LOT_min = '$P35LOT_min', P35_mindoz = '$P35_mindoz', P35Doz_min = '$P35Doz_min',
        P35M = '$P35M', P35M_max = '$P35M_max', P35MLOT_max = '$P35MLOT_max', P35M_maxdoz = '$P35M_maxdoz', P35MDoz_max = '$P35MDoz_max',
        P35M_min = '$P35M_min', P35MLOT_min = '$P35MLOT_min', P35M_mindoz = '$P35M_mindoz', P35MDoz_min = '$P35MDoz_min',
        P35W = '$P35W', P35W_max = '$P35W_max', P35WLOT_max = '$P35WLOT_max', P35W_maxdoz = '$P35W_maxdoz', P35WDoz_max = '$P35WDoz_max',
        P35W_min = '$P35W_min', P35WLOT_min = '$P35WLOT_min', P35W_mindoz = '$P35W_mindoz', P35WDoz_min = '$P35WDoz_min',
        P38 = '$P38', P38_max = '$P38_max', P38LOT_max = '$P38LOT_max', P38_maxdoz = '$P38_maxdoz', P38Doz_max = '$P38Doz_max',
        P38_min = '$P38_min', P38LOT_min = '$P38LOT_min', P38_mindoz = '$P38_mindoz', P38Doz_min = '$P38Doz_min',
        P41 = '$P41', P41_max = '$P41_max', P41LOT_max = '$P41LOT_max', P41_maxdoz = '$P41_maxdoz', P41Doz_max = '$P41Doz_max',
        P41_min = '$P41_min', P41LOT_min = '$P41LOT_min', P41_mindoz = '$P41_mindoz', P41Doz_min = '$P41Doz_min',
        P42 = '$P42', P42_max = '$P42_max', P42LOT_max = '$P42LOT_max', P42_maxdoz = '$P42_maxdoz', P42Doz_max = '$P42Doz_max',
        P42_min = '$P42_min', P42LOT_min = '$P42LOT_min', P42_mindoz = '$P42_mindoz', P42Doz_min = '$P42Doz_min',
        P43 = '$P43', P43_max = '$P43_max', P43LOT_max = '$P43LOT_max', P43_maxdoz = '$P43_maxdoz', P43Doz_max = '$P43Doz_max',
        P43_min = '$P43_min', P43LOT_min = '$P43LOT_min', P43_mindoz = '$P43_mindoz', P43Doz_min = '$P43Doz_min',
        P45 = '$P45', P45_max = '$P45_max', P45LOT_max = '$P45LOT_max', P45_maxdoz = '$P45_maxdoz', P45Doz_max = '$P45Doz_max',
        P45_min = '$P45_min', P45LOT_min = '$P45LOT_min', P45_mindoz = '$P45_mindoz', P45Doz_min = '$P45Doz_min',
        P46 = '$P46', P46_max = '$P46_max', P46LOT_max = '$P46LOT_max', P46_maxdoz = '$P46_maxdoz', P46Doz_max = '$P46Doz_max',
        P46_min = '$P46_min', P46LOT_min = '$P46LOT_min', P46_mindoz = '$P46_mindoz', P46Doz_min = '$P46Doz_min',
        P47 = '$P47', P47_max = '$P47_max', P47LOT_max = '$P47LOT_max', P47_maxdoz = '$P47_maxdoz', P47Doz_max = '$P47Doz_max',
        P47_min = '$P47_min', P47LOT_min = '$P47LOT_min', P47_mindoz = '$P47_mindoz', P47Doz_min = '$P47Doz_min',
        Total = '$Total', Total_max = '$Total_max', TotalLOT_max = '$TotalLOT_max', Total_maxdoz = '$Total_maxdoz', TotalDoz_max = '$TotalDoz_max',
        Total_min = '$Total_min', TotalLOT_min = '$TotalLOT_min', Total_mindoz = '$Total_mindoz', TotalDoz_min = '$TotalDoz_min'
    I want to happen is only one row will add in my database and if I need to edit my data It will update the data that already been save. But in my code instead of updating my data in my database, it will insert or again in another row.

    I can’t figure out what’s wrong or missing in my query syntax. Thank you

    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by newphpcoder View Post
    I can’t figure out what’s wrong or missing in my query syntax.
    neither can we, because you didn't tell us which columns have unique indexes | @rudydotca
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    I attach my whole code.

    I like your suggestion, but I don't know how can I used it my code now.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    code does me no good whatsoever -- i don't do php | @rudydotca
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    I think the column you have in inset are same for update as well. Where is unique index column? Hoew this query will decide which is duplicate?

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    As Rudy asked above; does your table have a unique index of any kind?
    We can't help you if you don't give us enough information!
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