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    Unanswered: Get Balance Value From Previous Date

    I have a report grouped by EventDate and by "Income" / "Payment". I've got a few totals for incomes and payments. This is what i need:

    EventDate: 3/3/2012 3/4/2012 3/5/2012 and so on...
    txtBalance = txtStartBalance + (Sum(Income) - Sum(Payment)) (for a particular date - let's say 3/3/2012)
    txtStartBalance (for 3/4/2012 - the next day) = txtBalance (from the previous date 3/3/2012)

    Having my report group by EventDate is it possible to get the previous value for my txtStartBalance ? If so, how?
    Thank you guys!

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    I would amend the source query of the report to do this for you. Can you post the SQL?
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