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    Unanswered: Find duplicates before importing into existing table??

    I have an Excel spreadsheet with data I want to eventually import into an existing Access database. I know there will be some duplicates in the spreadsheet that I would like to delete before importing. Is there a way I can find these duplicates easily? At the moment I have been copying the possibly duplicated field from the spreadsheet and using the "Find" command in Access. This is terribly time consuming as there are over 400 rows in the spreadsheet. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. BTW I did try importing the spreadsheet originally but I kept getting an error message so I have now decided to paste and append.

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    Import the spreadsheet into a temporary table, perform the necessary adjustments (eliminate duplicate rows, format the data, etc.) then use a query to insert the result into the destination table. In simple cases, a query could do both the processing and the final insert.
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    Don't do this kind of thing, so maybe Sinndho could comment, but could you either simply import the data, duplicates and all, then whenever you would use the Table use a Query instead, with the DISTINCT or DISTINCTROW operator? Or use the same technique in a Make Table Query to actually produce a Table without the dups? It would certainly beat manually weeding them out.

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