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    Unanswered: Problem with privileges

    Hello every one.

    I've created a table into my local DB2 database using CLI (create table MyTable). DB2 has associated the user ALFA (user of my pc) to this table and has given him all the administration privileges.

    But i want to access this database with another user, called DB2ADMIN. This user has not privileges on this table.

    I have tried to enter the DB2 control center and set manually privileges to DB2ADMIN, but into the control center i appear as SYSTEM, and i have no privileges for doing this operation.

    how can i do? Is it possible to switch from system to ALFA into the control center? Alternatively, is it possibile to change privileges from CLI?

    Thank you very much

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    From CLI
    db2 grant select,insert,update,delete on <tablename> to user db2admin
    or when connecting to the db, you can provide the user name to use for connection

    connect to sample user db2admin

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    You can add this user to sysadmin group. It will get all the rights on this database. Except the owner of db and objects.

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