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    Unanswered: Identify specific rows that have overflowed

    Does anyone know how to identify the specfic rows that are overflowed in a DB2 LUW table? My application team wants to know the specific rows to help them figure out in what business situations it is happening (when a VARCHAR column is updated with a larger text string than originally inserted).
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    Maybe db2dart can do this。
    But if your table is large ,that means a lot of work......

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    When a VARCHAR column is updated such that it no longer fits on the original page, db2 will leave a tombstone record on the original page pointing to an overflow record on the new page. db2dart /dd (possibly some other db2dart options as well) will dump info. Look for something similar to:

    Record Type = Pointer Record (tombstoned)

    I think DB2 Support can help you interpret db2dart output.

    I asked another person this question and here's the reply:

    "There isn't really an official way, but you can use the RID() function with the lockname to select the row (or dump the page with dart and read it). Someone wrote a technote on how to do this, or perhaps an article. try a google search, because I think it was actually an article"

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