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    Unanswered: Problem in Insert queries on table having triggers on it.

    I have 2 tables(Master and Child) which have primary and foreign key relationship. A trigger is applied on the Master table which inserts data into some Back up table. Also before the delete is performed on the Master and Child table the foreighn key constraint is removed and then a delete is performed for both the tables and then a commit is done.This delete is performed as the first step to clear the dB.All these thinmgs are done in ESQL code in Message Broker tool kit.

    When I am passing small input to the Message Broker Flow which insert 100-200 rows in the table the complete operation is done in 1 min. But when I pass a bulk input which inserts some 80,00 rows it takes 2 hours.

    When the triggers is removed from the Master table same bulk input when it is passed it inserts 80,000 records in 5 mins.

    What can be the problem and how can I rectify it.

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