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    Unanswered: Query Updates All existing transactions and not just the new one.

    So I think I understand what is happening in my database but I can't figure out how to solve it.

    I have a form for whenever a transaction takes place for renting movies. The user would fill out employee, movie being checked out, how many, etc. After this processes and is saved to the Transaction table a macro is run when the form is processed and activates a query that updates the Movie Inventory table. So lets say someone checks out 1 of Hancock and it records to transactions then updates how many are left on hand and how many are checked out in the movie inventory just fine. But when I go to do another movie lets say 1 of Jaws it adds an additional 1 to Hancock plus the new 1 to Jaws. I believe it's because every time I click my event button "Process" to run the macro it re-runs all the recorded transactions in the form yet again and updates them all over even though I only want the newly entered item on the form to update.

    Is there anyway to work around this problem?

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    Please copy and paste the VBA code and SQL of your update query so we can have a better idea what's happening.


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