So i have learned alot using Access in the past few weeks. i may not know all the in and outs of creating codes, but i have a good understanding of the design. I want to make sure that i am going down the right path with this DB.
I am aware that repeating data is a no-no.

Task: Create a report that shows inventory items (broken down into category's) entered for each specific Job Number. I want the Job number information as the title (ie. job number, project manager, date created, etc). All of this information is already stored into a table.


"Jobs"tbl w/ Fields
"[jid]" (PK)

"inventory"tbl w/ fields
"[iid]" (PK)
"[Part Number]"

"category"tbl w/ fields
"[categoryID]' (PK)
"[Access Door]"
"[Nuts and Bolts]"

I think you get the point and i hope i did a good job at setting this up.

My solution:
I have created a table called:

"Items for Job Transfers" w/ Fields
"[ID]" (PK)

This is what i will use to create my form needed to enter the data needed to run my report. So after all of that, does it seem that i am going in the right direction?