I've been asked for a quick turn around on this. The group I'm assisting has a .MDB database where offsite workers that don't have internet all the time. Thus, way back the team implemented an Access DB which allows for synchronization.

As their team grew bigger they started running into the following issues:

1. Remote synching – when an user tries to synch from a worksite, more often than not, the database will crash either due to loss of wireless signal, program timing out, or Inspector manually shutting down due to time (i.e., 30 or more minutes)
2. Multiple synchers – we are unable to synch multiple at one time (there are currently 34 users in 3 different territories). If someone is synching and another person tries to synch at the same time, the second user will end up with an error message. They will have to shut down their DB and try to synch at a later time.
3. Incomplete synchs – sometimes when an worker synch’s his/her DB, not all the line items will copy over to the Master file which can cause confusion during review.

Is there any work arounds or items I can look into to resolve these?
I have little resources and time so anything involving a new server might not work.