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    Unanswered: fedora and oracle 10g

    Hello guys,
    I think I got into trouble. Few days ago, I was told that oracle 10g is friendly in Linux environments. I don't know much about Linux but always willing to learn and try new things.
    I installed Fedora which I think is open source. I wanted to install oracle 10g but just realised that the cd (installer) is for microsoft windows vista (32bit). My company work with windows enviroments (servers and clients), and I don't know where to get the installer which is compatible with fedora.
    1. Is there any Oracle 10g or 11g database which is compatible with Fedora?
    2. Is there any online source where I could get in?
    3. would it be best to uninstall the Fedora OS and install red hat or something like that...As I said I know almost nothing about Linux but I'm just curious + is always good to know something else that just windows.
    Any reply is a supply!
    Thanks and forgive me for my ignorance.

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    The better OS choice would be Oracle Enterprise Linux; which is also free.

    Oracle RDBMS can be downloaded from; after free registration
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