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    Unanswered: query for finding rhyming records

    Hi ,

    I have a requirement as such where i need to find such records in my table
    eg for one of the column address could be stored as follows
    501~Little Collins~1180 can also be stored as 501~LITTLE Collins~1180 or 501~LiTTle CoLLins~1180.

    need to retrive such recs

    current version of db2 is 8.1 on aix


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    where ucase(address_col) = ucase('501~Little Collins~1180')
    you will get your data as requested, you will not get optimal performance.
    If you want good performance as well you will have to add an additional column defines as
    generated always as ucase(address_col)
    and create an index on that newly generated column. But then you pay the price of extra storage....
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