I'm running a project and would need to coordinate the establishment of a database with the following properties:

*profiles of targeted beneficiaries, families, with about 30 data fields,20 of which need to be updated periodically,
*about 70,000 people are monitored by updating the profiles in five different countries. Updating done by 5-10 people per country.
*I need to be able to pull out automated reports, tables, graphs,
*the database needs to be passwd protected with different access levels for different types of users.
*this should be very simple to train on and use
*the internet connections available in this part of the world are slow - 56-500kbs
*low budget

I'm not going to programme this myself as I am only familiar with ms access and excel. But I will need to be able to order the right product. Could someone please help me out by telling what would be the suitable application/platform/language etc for this kind of situation. I suppose an online database would be the best solution for this.

Many many thanks,