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    Unanswered: Closing connections to an Access 2003 database to close lock file.


    I'm a new user for Access 2003 and got through it good enough and this is a little bit more advanced than me. I tried searching through various threads and couldn't find a direct answer so I figure I just ask.

    I found the software LDBView on another thread and I see that have various "ghost" users that's keeping the lock file active on the server and I've been unable to get rid of the lock file. Apparently, the ghost users are all me! There's five users with my computer name and I've tried re-closing Access to rebooting my PC but nothing happens.

    Any suggestions?

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    Interesting prob.

    Check your VBA code. Does your code ever create a new instance of your database as a temporary db? When the code closes the temp db, it may not release the lock, because the original db is still open.


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