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    Unanswered: Trying to get last records across mutliple tables

    Hi all,

    this is not a question about getting the very last record entered or the latest record across tables.

    Instead, I have a set of tables from which i need to get the latest record for each "ID" value and then link to a user_id in a another table.
    I have tried a few different queries but with no success.

    for instance:

    TABLE 1 (t1): "Details 1" table

    table_id, job_id, summary, user_id, update_time
    1, 20, tex1, 6, 07:15
    2, 21, tex2t, 8, 13:30
    3, 22, text3, 9, 08:21

    TABLE 2 (t2): "Details 2" table

    table_id, job_id, other-details, user_id, update_time
    11, 20, othertext, 6, 08:15
    12, 21, othertext, 8, 11:30
    13, 22, othertext, 4, 08:00

    TABLE 3 (t3): A General Update table

    table_id, job_id, user_id, update_time
    1, 20, 6, 08:00
    2, 21, 8, 14:30
    18, 22, 4, 08:07

    TABLE 4 (t4): User Table

    user_id, username
    4, Peter
    6, Paul
    8, Mary
    9, Sarah

    so, what i would like to do is get the latest record for each Job_ID and link that back to the user_id in the UserTable, displaying details from the first table, as well (summary text)

    For example, I would like to return the following:

    job_id, user_id, username, summary, update_time
    20, 6, Paul, text1, 08:15 (latest userfrom TABLE 2)
    21, 8, Mary, text2, 14:30 (latest user from Table 3)
    22, 9, Sarah, text3, 08:21 (latest user from table 1)

    any help would be appreciated.

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    I am not 100% sure what you are looking for here? In particular with the (lastest user from table2, table3 or table1). What rules should be put in to determine which table?
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    thanks for your reply.
    i think i may have been a bit unclear...

    Tables 1, 2 and 3 include records for the same Job_ID's but each contains different information.


    Tables 1,2 and 3 include the update_time for that record and who updated the record (user_id).

    Table 4 lists the user_id's and username

    - I would like to find who made the latest update for each Job_Id record, checking across each table for the latest record

    - I would also like to include in the output some info from Table 1 (summary field)

    i hope that is clearer.

    thanks for any assistance.


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