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    Hello, the new guy needs help with ERDs..

    I got this assignment today and its due in a couple of weeks...Can someone help me start doing it? thanks

    The Company is constituted by a number of departments. Each department is represented by a
    unique name and a particular employee who manages the department, i.e. its manager. The start date of
    employment (as a manager) for every manger is recorded. Every department may have several locations.

    Every department is involved into a specific subset of all company’s construction projects, from
    which it receives financial support. Every project has a unique name, number, and a single location.
    Every project is controlled by one of the departments which are involved in it. Projects are of two main
    kinds of road construction, characterized by the length of the road, and building construction,
    characterized by the number of floors.

    Company stores information about its employees. Each employee’s name, ssno, address, salary,
    gender, and birth date are recorded. Every employee is assigned to only one department, but he/she may
    be asked by the company to work on the projects of its department as well as some projects, in which
    his/her department is not involved. The number of hours per week that an employee works on each
    project is recorded.

    The details about employee’s dependents (i.e. family members) are also recorded (e.g. for health
    insurance purposes). Family members are represented by the dependent’s name, birth date, and the
    relationship to the employee.

    Considering the descriptions given above, draw an ER diagram for the
    database, including entity
    sets, attributes, and relationship sets. Please pay attention to clear identification of different kinds of
    attributes (e.g. composite, multi-valued, derived, and primary keys) and the mapping cardinalities
    and the total participation for each relationship set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nazz View Post
    Can someone help me start doing it? thanks
    it doesn't quite work that way

    you have to post your best effort, and indicate which parts of it you are having trouble understanding, then we can offer suggestions

    but we aren't gonna do the assignment for you | @rudydotca
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    Ok, can you at least tell me on a scale from 1 to 10 how hard would this ERD be to do?
    I have basic knowledge of it.

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