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    Unanswered: iPhone to create a table in Access

    So im fairly new to Access, code writing, SQL, etc.. I've read a view things on the net about using iPhone to connect to MySQL, but that doesnt sound like what im after.

    I work at a sheet metal fabrication shop. Like every business we have inventory. When our Shop Foreman gets a call for an order he writes it own then pulls the inventory and sends it off. NOw this is all being done via paper. At the end of each week he transfers all of the information, from over 2 to 3 hundreds pieces of paper, into a lotus program that prints out totals and costs. My intent is to get away from using paper.

    I have created a database and reports that do everything i need it to, but there is one more thing. The Shop Foreman is sometimes moble, meaning he walks around the shop sometimes and gets phone calls for orders. I need to find a way to have him be able to access a "form" from Access, input the data needed and then print a ticket to a local printer.

    Not sure if this kind of thing is available, but its worth a shot.

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    I'm pretty sure that iPhone to Access violates a law or two of nature ...

    Sorry - couldn't resist. Access will take data from spreadsheet and text sources, so if you have something on the iPhone that will capture data to a CSV or XLS compatible format, Access can upload it.

    Otherwise, you may be entering the realm of "web based apps" as the best solution to actually connect to the DB from the mobile device. In this scenario, the browser based app handles the "front end" and is much more portable than an application based "front end".

    Sorry I couldn't be much help.
    have fun!

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