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    Question Unanswered: combo Row Source List problem

    Hi all,

    I share my problem:

    I have two tables:
    table#1= tblModelService
    Fld#1= ModelNo = Alba (SampleData)
    Fld#1= Service = First;Second;Third (SampleData)

    table#2= tblJobcard
    Fld#1= JobCard_No = 1 (SampleData)
    Fld#2= ModelID = Alba (SampleData)
    Fld#3= cboService = First (SampleData)
    Fld#4= ChasisNo= ABC123 (SampleData)

    Now in FrmJobcard.ModelID & ChasisNo values come automatically as default value from FrmCustomers in new record.

    1# But what I want in FrmJobcard.cboService is that it Row Source List should come from tblModelService.Service (First) as per FrmJobcard.ModelID (Alba).

    2# if FrmJobcard.ChasisNo (ABC123) has already value of such Service (First) then cboService Row Source List should not show that value (First), it should show the next values like- Second;Third;etc.

    I hope this description will help you to understand my problem.

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    I'm not too sure of your first question. However, in either case, I think you should change your service information to numeric (0,1,2,3, etc.) so you can do a SELECT statement for your rowsource that will find the MAX() of service. "First", "Second", etc., are strings that will not sort properly. Also, I think you should look for the MAX() of service +1, because if the item was never serviced before, it will not show up at all the way you're doing it, if I understand it correctly.


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