Please someone help as this is an urgent issue. Can someone help me.

I have a resultset as follows which I am showing on a single cross tab on Crystal Report.

Cross -Tab looks like this: Where items highlighted in bold belongs to a field from DB which is : PRODUCT.DESCRIPTION

Open Circuit ClosedCircuit
1.23 2.33
1.34 1.3
1.34 2.34
3.4 1.34

More info i have given here : How to place and Filter two Cross Tabs on a Single Crystal Report Page : The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Forums

Now my requirement is I want to split the above values based upon Closed Circuit and Open CirCuit and display on two seperate CrossTabs.

I have used two cross tabs for the same and placed on my crystal report. Where I need to put the filter now. Can I use the filter using Formula WorkShop .

Something like below I am expecting to filter at runtime. But Where I need to use this Formula I don't know.



Please give me some inputs.

Thanks in advance.