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    Exclamation Basic Database Help Please!


    I am currently working on this assignment. For which I have to do a ER Diagram. Basically this is the scenario:

    "A garage owns cars, these cars are categorized by car types which are based on manufacturer and car's description and technical specs. A car can belong to a specific hire group that gives the hire rate. However cars from different types may also belong to different hire group for example a car with 1.9 engine will be lower hire group than the same car with a 3.6 engine.

    A customer can hire any car, their details will be stored and if an additional driver theirs will also be stored.

    They have to also take out insurance from the garage to cover the period of hire. The prices depend on the hire group of the car."

    What I need is to draw an ER Diagram

    I have identified the different tables that I will have, I believe they are the following:

    • Car
      Car Specs
      Hire Group
      Engine size
      Named driver

    Please help!

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    What does your diagram look like so far?

    Is engine size not part of the vehicle specification?

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