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    Unanswered: export/import tools?

    What tools are available to export from Oracle and into PostgreSQL? Also I need to go in the reverse direction as well (export from PG and into Oracle).

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    I've used Navicat 10 to migrate 'EVERYTHING' off Oracle 11g and migrate it to PostgreSQL. There are many tools but I've only used Navicat and it worked just as described.

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    Below are the step to transfer data from PostgreSQL to Oracle::

    1. Create a structure of the tables in Oracle Database.

    2. Provide INSERT privileges for Oracle table to "postgres" user.

    3. Connect the PostgreSQL Database, export data into csv format with "copy" operation

    *prod=# copy test to* '/opt/test.csv' WITH csv;

    4. Prepare control file to import data from CSV file using SQLloader

    5. Execute the sqlloader command in Oracle Database.

    $ sqlldr userid=postgres/postgres@<SID> * control=/opt/test.ctl log=/opt/test.log


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