Hi all,

I have a concern. I want to add and update both from a table to another table from an event:

I have two forms having subforms:FrmEstimate(tblEstimate & tblEstDetail) and FrmBill(tblBill & tblBillDetail= same as tblEstdetail)

FrmEstimate has JobID in main form and in subform Jobid,PartNo,Partname, Qty,rate,Amt,type


FrmBill has BillID and JobNo(Combo-list from tblEstimate) in main form and in subform Billid,JobNo,PartNo,Partname, Qty,rate,Amt,type

Now, what i need to do is that after entering a record in FrmEstimate(JobId) and its subform (multiple records) then user will to create Bill from FrmBill and after choosing JobNo from FrmBill its subform should add and update or any changed records from subform of FrmEstimate.

I made an Append Qry and run from After Update event of JobNo of FrmBill but it Updated Table not in form. and records were duplicated. Moreover, FrmBill has Billid in suform but it does not update from main form's BillID.

So, Please guide me what should i do??