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    Unanswered: New Records - Multiple Forms

    Hello.. Back again.. I am making progress but again this isnt my daily job or hobby. Doing this for my small business because its necessary. I am creating a international shipping company database. I have attached the program to this post. You can select any username & the password is "a" only. Then proceed to "export shipments".

    Once there you will see the main page.. that page is going to display all of the specific shipment information.. For editing purposes it will launch another pop up form. See under "Shipper / Consignee " tab. You click edit shipper information & your able to edit it which then should save it back to the mainexportscreen for viewing. I have also created a new shipment cmd up in the top left hand corner. Upon clicking this button it launches a new shipment form which i quickly created for this post. When we have a new shipment i need the user to be able to click that button & for that form to pop up.. The user can enter the new reference number & required information.. then be taken to the mainexport screen where he can enter in the shipper / consignee & other details. I cant seem to get it to work. It keeps pulling different records. I need them all to be on the same record. I tried putting Docmd.gotorecord Also for creating a new record would that go in the form load of the NEW EXPORT SHIPMENT form. Hopefully your able to see exactly what it is that im doing here & can point me in the right direction. All of the info is on the same table so i would have thought it would have tied out.

    In lay terms - i need all forms corresponding to that shipment to pull in the information for that shipment.. Seems as of now when i create new it will create record for the AEC / Job manager etc.. but then when i go to edit Shipper information & put in data it creates ANOTHER new record with that info.. never pulls everything as one.
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