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    Unanswered: Oracle installation

    Hi , I am new to Oracle and trying to install Oracle 10.2 on AIX 5.4. I downloaded the installation image onto WinXP and transfered to AIX (via FileZilla) and issue the follwoing command as per the instruction on OTN
    gunzip 10gr2_aix5164_database.cpio.gz

    But I'm getting the error
    ' 10gr2_aix5164_database.cpio.gz: No such file or directory'

    What's wrong I'm doing ? Is the install image in the incorrect format ? Can you please help ?

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    post results of following OS commands

    ls -ltr *gz

    COPY commands & results then PASTE all back here
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    Many Thanks , I have given the RW access to user who issue the gunzip command. Then I had the error 'file too long' . The way I understand it the file system here JFS and has 2Gb limit and does not allow this action. Hence I over come this with pipe as below:
    gunzip -c 10gr2_aix5l64_database.cpio.gz | cpio -icuvdm

    It looks like it did the right thing but I had the error 'Unexpected end of file can't read input' . The following directories/files have been extracted:
    install, response,rootpre,stage and runInstaller, welcome.html (all under Disk1 directory)

    My concern is why I had the 'unexpected end of file' error. Is it because the above installation software is not the complete set(Only Disk1) or something else ?

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