I'm hoping someone can offer some advice and point me in the right direction for this.

I have a small application that tracks the coming and goings of items required under legislation to record and track. I have four tables with all the data entered into them. But need to sort some reports for tracking these widgets extracted from the data in the tables.

Two tables record all the items we deliver to the customers with the stock code and batch for the widgets we need to track. The other two tables recored just the incoming widgets from our suppliers that we need to track, with the Stock Code and batch linking the incoming to the outgoing.

How do arrange a table or query or both with reports to extract activity for specific stock code widgets?

-ListID autonumber keyed

-ProductID autonumber keyed
-ListID link to TblDeliveryNote ListID
-ControlledWidget this has a string value that determines the widgets licence catagory

This is all outgoing widgets which may or may not be licensed, if its not a controlled widget then the ControlledWidget field is null or "" It doesnt really matter whats in there as we use the stock code for reference.

-WidgetSupplyID autonumber keyed

-SupplierWidgetID autonumber keyed
-SupplierID link to the TblSuppliedWidgets WidgetSupplierID
-HOGeneric this is a string with the license clasification

This is the incoming side and all controlled widgets get booked in through forms to these tables. items that are not controlled are not booked in through this system.

Many Thanks