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    Post Unanswered: Hiding particular rows

    Hello everyone,

    I was in middle of developing an library management application but there is an issue. Please do help.

    I want to hide particular rows from datagridview (DataGridView1) where a column which has a checkbox (DataGridViewColumn21) is True.
    I am not able to do it, Please do help with code. How to hide that rows.

    Asaad Bin Shams

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    1) Create a view over the table that excludes those rows and only allow access through the view.
    2) Look into Label Based Access Control (LBAC)


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    I agree with the above poster..... and of the two options I would use the view.

    create view withhiddenrecords as
    select * from datagridview1 where DataGridViewColumn21 is false;

    This will only let them see rows that are not hidden with the true value in column 21.

    Then only grant select the user permissions on the view not the underlying table.

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