Hello All,

I am so totally new to Access 2010, Im familur with 2003 and working in 2010 is a bit different for me. So im looking for masters of the universe to help me out with an item Im not sure can be done in Access.....Here is the item of interest, Im working on a data base "go figure" that I have to have alerts. Special conditions are this, I need to be able to enter a date in one column, and 2 years later I need access to shoot me an alert or pop up 90 days prior to the 2 year aniversay date based off the date enterd in the date column. So really there will be 2 dates. Column 1, column 2, so is there a way to have access Send me an alert with like say the name of person that the alert is about. If this is not making sence please forgive. Any help, any at alllllll