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    Unanswered: Restrict user access to forms only

    Hi Friends out there,
    i have a database which has a user form. I intend to give to other users who should ideally use only the form.
    I want to restrict access to the database so that the user can access only the form and not the underlying tables, queries and macros.
    It would be even better if the user cannot even see or know about the underlying components.

    Is it possible?
    Please enlighten me on this issue.
    Best Regards.

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    depends on the version of Access you are using. older versiosn (pre 2010?) used the workgroup file to provide a basis of security
    you could assign users to groups and permissions to forms.

    ;last time I went down this route I used the network user ID to find out who was using the system,then using the ADO security extension queries if that user had specific permission for that action (whether it be opening a form, preview or printing a report or seeing some data within a form, or even whether that person could modify data, or jsut view it.

    so its possible

    if you want the network logon PK Stormy contributed some code or do a google for dev ashish api
    detaisl about the ado security extension can also be found on line, or exploring the object model having activated the library for your code.
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    Dear healdem,
    thank you so much for the reply and letting me know the possibility. I am pretty new to the concepts and ADO object.

    thanks anyway to let me know that it is possible.
    i wil need to learn about user permissions though!

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