Is CURRENT_ROLE a required operator?

I am connecting to an informix database from a remote server (which i can do successfully), using python and the informixdb driver.

Now when I use SQLalchemy, it automatically performs a check on CURRENT_ROLE, but I have been told by the sysadmin the manages this informix databases, that they do not have CURRENT_ROLE setup.

Is it required, or have the developers at SQLAlchemy just overlooked a setting and its not actually a requirement on connect?

As at present I can connect to the database and perform queries using the informixdb driver, however when I use it combined with SQLAlchemy, it gives me an error as it is looking for CURRENT_ROLE which isnt in use on this database.

I appreciate that most people will not have knowledge of informixdb and sqlalchemy, but if you could help me clear up CURRENT_ROLE, I would be very grateful.

Many thanks.