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    Question Unanswered: Scoring, Points, and totals formulas????

    I have this program that we use to grade people on their poerformance. We have different catagories (supervisory control, safety, procedural compliance) and we have grading types (significant deficiency, minor deficiency, comment, and recommendations). Each catagory and each type have a point value assigned to them. I want to create a formula that will do the math for us. Say, a minor deficiency * safety = xxx. I am unsure of how to go about this anyone who can help would be awesome.

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    I understand from your posting that you have 2 tables, categories and gradings. You want to assign numeric values to both in order to be able to compare a X * Y value to some as-yet-undefined value.

    You might make assignments like this:
    1-Safety, being the most important, can be assigned , for example, 10,000
    2-Supervisory control can be assigned 1,000
    3-Procedural compliance can be assigned 100

    Significant deficiency, minor deficiency, comment, recommendations can be assigned values like 50, 40, 30, 20 in that order.

    Of course, you can change the order of priority on either one.

    These assignments can be easily made by simply adding a field to each table called ItemValue, data type Long. (Don't use field name Value, because that might confuse Access as it is a reserved word.)

    You might add a 3rd table called tblAcceptableValues with 2 fields: Category and MaxValues. The reason is that you may want to change the MaxValues in the future, and it's a lot easier to modify a table value than hunt down your VBA code. Categories are, of course, Safety, Supervisory control, and Procedural compliance. MaxValues, of course, are your - or management's - decision.


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    Question thanks.....but theres more

    So I did what you said, and I had a pretty good idea of thats how it should be done. The catch is making the math work. How do I make a query or expression to multiply the two then subtract it from the total amount of points availbale which is 100. I assigned values as this:
    Procedural Compliance 10
    Safety 10
    Supervisory Control 3

    Significant Deficiency 3
    Minor Deficiency 1

    So example, there is a comment made and it is a Significant deficiency in safety. That would be a total of 30 points to be taken off (10 * 3=30) and then I need to subract that from 100 (a perfect score).

    The goal is to take some objectivivity out of our grading. Right now we have max points available for the different catagories (safety, supv cont, ect) and they all add up to 100. Then the evaluator just grades thoses individual areas, the thing is, if an evaluator want the end score to be 76 he will modifiy the different point areas to get that score. With this new way I am trying to attemp it would avoid that. Thanks for your help.

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    have tabale that defines categories of ratings and also defien the maximum that raitng can have

    then when you calcuating the user rating/grading. compare it to the theoretical maximum
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