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    Unanswered: checked field not in answer.db

    I am performing a qbe query within a method on a pushbutton, however one of the checked fields is missing within the answer table when the query is run. If I perform the same query interactively then the field is present in the answer table. I have tried both executeQBEfile("test.qbe") and using a query variable with the query pasted into the method. Not sure what is causing this but may be related to Paradox hanging more and more frequently at random.

    Paradox V10 running on W7

    Anyone got any idea why this should be happening?


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    unless there is file damage, the only reason for no field in the answer is when there are no values in the field or no values in the result.. when you run "the same query" with different results, that usually means that something is wrong.. most likely, damaged or out-of-synch index files..

    make sure you have backups.. rebuild with the repair tool.. restruct to pack the table and rebuild the indexes.. validate the results..
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