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    Unanswered: New Columns from Row Data

    I have a table with rows of flight legs with different passenger names for each leg. Because there can be up to 4-5 passengers on each leg I have a flight leg row for every different passenger name.

    What would be the best method to display each flight leg only once using additional columns (passenger1, passenger 2...) for the passenger data?

    Current Result:

    [Date] [Depart] [Arrive] [Origin] [Destination] [Passenger1]
    [Date] [Depart] [Arrive] [Origin] [Destination] [Passenger2]

    Preferred Result:

    [Date] [Depart] [Arrive] [Origin] [Destination] [Passenger1] [Passenger 2]


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    This is a presentation option, not data storage/integrity/manipulation, so it is best handled on the client side.

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