I'm new here but not new to databases. I am semi-retired, well, for the most part fully retired. I started out writing applications in Basic, Pascal, Assembly, and moved to dBase III in 85, Fox in 86, Clipper in 88, and DBXL/QS also in 88. I was a beta tester for Arago and loved that environment. I have two DOS machines that I use to program on although I don't do it commercially anymore. I have been testing xHarbor on this Win7 machine and maybe will take and see what I can do with my old apps.

I had a crash on my main DOS machine and when I restored the drive I discovered that my Arago.exe had zero bytes and now I am in search to find the Arago package or at least find that one file.

I am glad to find this board and maybe I just might be able to help someone and I know that everybody will help me.