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    Unanswered: Merge Replication

    I am trying to make a merge replication between 2 remote machines: The remote server is running Windows 2008 Server with SQL database Server 2008 , the other local machine is running on a Windows7 and running also 2008 SQL Server.

    I have configured my distribution database on the server and I have made a shared folder and gave it all the needed authority on the same Server as well.Then I have configured the Publisher on the same server along with the distribution and according to my reading that's the common used configuration.

    Then I have configured my Subscriber on the local machine (Windows 7) with the same version of database.

    However, once I start monitoring the replication from the subscriber I get this error "The schema script for tablename.csh could not be propagated to the subscriber". When I look into the publication side I see that there is an error about accessing the shared folder that I have created on the server, basically it cannot read it but I am sure that I have added all the needed authority for read/write to that folder, and I put this folder under the Administrators account and also I can see it under Computer management under the shared folder.

    Sorry for my long question but I have worked hard on this and I would appreciate any help from the community.

    Where did I go wrong with this? Is it the way I have shared this folder? Or the security agent.

    I have followed the tutorial on this link SQL Server Central: Stairway to SQL Server Replication[^] which is really good but still I am getting the same error.

    Your help is highly appreciated!!

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    If you are trying to make a folder on one machine visible to a login on another machine (specifically the Windows login that is running the distribution task or tasks), then that Windows Login must be a Domain Acccount. I suspect that you might be using local Windows Accounts, which by definition can't be known on another machine.

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