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    Unanswered: **Paid** Access Schema Design- HELP!!

    I am looking for an individual to create a Theatre Booking system schema
    based on the information i Provide you with.

    I can build the database, I just need a perfect schema so I start on the correct

    The database will take bookings from customers, who can become members

    The customer can pay by debit card, credit card or cash in person.

    The Theatre currently runs two shows per day, but we process this all manually at the minute and currently only take cash bookings.

    The theatre seats Seating prices:
    Stalls D-H = 50
    Stalls K-X = 30
    Circle stage left or right = 50
    Circle A-E = 40
    Circle F-J = 30
    Standing tickets = 15
    Seating Numbers:
    800 seats on two floors (500 on top, 300 on bottom, however without seats, the lower ground capacity is 750 alone, plus the additional 500)

    I would also like to keep information on my Employees, and be able to see how much sales they are producing and their working rota, (im currently doing this in excel)

    Anyone interested plus private message me and we can discuss a fee.. Like i Said I only need a Schema, no need to build the system, or maintain it.

    I will also be using ACCESS to build it, or Visual Basic Light switch if thats any help.


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    Closed. You already have a post in the appropriate Jobs forum.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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