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    Unanswered: single navigation file

    I was talking to some friends, who are just as new as me in programming, and they think it would be better to use a single navigation file for every link in a web site.

    Something like this:

    HTML Code:
    <a href="nav.php?id=home&otherparams" >Home</a>
    <a href="nav.php?id=products&otherparams" >Products</a>
    <a href="nav.php?id=contact&otherparams" >Contact</a>
    I told them I think this might be easier to maintain, but also might take up on loading time, as the site viewer will have to go through an extra node to get where he wants.

    Is this single navigation file a good practice or should it be avoided?

    Thanks for any comments...

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    Hi -

    I am no expert on this but here are a few things to consider.
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    though that was not what I meant, it was very useful reading, m8. thanks a lot

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