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    Unanswered: using IIF with And and Or


    I searched a lot and I couldn't find what I am looking for

    I am trying to combine IIF function with And and Or and I started my first query but it doesn't work and I can't figure out why

    if you can please help me or provide some links to help with having many conditions in iif

    I am still new and only use the code builder no idea on SQL

    Case1: IIf(([CountOfORDER_NUMBER]=1) And (([CPU_TYPE]="*sae*") Or ([CPU_TYPE]="*preliminary*")) And (([WO_STATUS]="dlp" or [WO_STATUS]="fc")),"N","")

    Thanks very much

    Additional info :

    What I want to is

    if [CountOfORDER_NUMBER]=1
    And [CPU_TYPE]="*sae*" OR = "*Pre*"
    And [WO_STATUS]="dlp" or "fc"

    I just get any indicator otherwise I don't care

    but that's the first and easiest case

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    guys I found the answer

    I didn't add "Like"

    Case1: IIf(([CountOfORDER_NUMBER]=1) And (([CPU_TYPE] Like "*sae*") Or ([CPU_TYPE] Like "*pre*")) And (([WO_STATUS]="dlp" Or [WO_STATUS]="fc")),"N","")

    Thanks very much

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