I have been looking for a personal / desktop / portable (as in USB stick) database to record a variety of activities. There are a number of features I need:

- Content encryption
- Password Access Control
- A relational database with main-sub forms
- Import from text/CSV/DBF
- Autonumber fields
- Calculated fields
- Lookup fields (convenient at my level even if it breaks normalization)
- Image/BLOB fields
- Form editor to make data entry screens and navigation
- Tab control
- List/Combo controls that can be populated by querying the database
- *Autosizing text control
- (*Spellcheck would be nice!)
- Statistical functions
- *Sensible scripting language
- *Export using text templates and placeholders (e.g. Merge data with a prepared HTML template)

Over the years I have tried to use MSACCESS Version 2.0 (but it fails the criteria marked*), it does not like running from a USB stick and is 16bit technology. I have not found a tool to easily author a front end to SQLite. A portable web server would still leave me looking for a simple tool to make the front end.

Please note I am a user, perhaps advanced, but not a programmer. I think there are many like me who know we should be using a database, but end up using a spreadsheet by default.

Any advice welcome.

Thanks in advance