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    Unanswered: xml index udb 9.7: Handling empty tags

    I have a table with an xml column and around 100MM rows.
    Within the xml column there is a CancelDate tag.
    For 99% of these values the tag will be empty (since they are Active), however the other 1% will have a valid entry.
    After 6 months I want to purge the rows where my CancelDate is 6 months and over (monthly purge process).
    If I create an index on this tag 99% of the values will be associated with the empty tag and therefore irrelevant.

    Will this be an issue whilst using the index?
    Is there any way to suppress empty tags from being entered into the index?

    Thanks in advance

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    If the XML pattern of the index results in an empty sequence (e.g. text() of an element <CancelDate/> is an empty sequence), there will be no corresponding entry in the XML index.

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