Hi Guys, hope you are doing well

I'm searching for a stable and strong tool, that is able to make automatic comparing (or kind of automatic changes detection) and one sided synchronization between many databases (could be more then 100) and my database

so the schema looks like below:

"A" = 1 database that will be updated depending on changes made on "B"
"B" = 100 databases containing data updated manually by users (or thrue web applications).

all databases, A and B, can be different type: MySQL, MSSql, oracle, DB2 or others.
all databases contain the same products.
Tables/columns structure can be different (table name, column name).

The tool im searching for would allow me to:

1-Connect to databases "A" and "B"

2-possibility to synchronize table/column name and structure between the DBs "B" and "A" (I assume this has to be done manually thrue this tool)

3-automaticly detect any changes made on DBs "B".

4-transfere those changes automaticly to DB "A".

I know that googling can find some solutions, one of them is Cross-Database Studio: compare, synchronize and transfer database schemas and data that coast 750$ (1 license) ...

but it would be great to hear some of your experiences and critics about any tool or methode that can help me doing that.

thanks a lot and a great day for all of you