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    Unanswered: Associate values in the same table column

    Hello guys, i'm not one expert with DB and i have a problem here.

    I have a table with 3 columns, ID, Title and Value, thing is that the ID is never the same for every record, the value have values like "Name" and "Mail", and the Value column have the names and emails, so i want to associate the name and email in the Value column, but with my query i got something like this:

    ID | Title | Value

    1 | Name | John Doe
    2 | Email |
    3 | Name | Peter
    4 | Email |

    i need a query that gives me something like this:

    Name | Email
    John Doe |
    Peter |

    can anyone help me?

    Best regards.

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    Look up Entity, Attribute, Value. it is the table design that you currently have and is very difficult to query compared to normalizing your data.

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    You appear to have at least the Attribute and Value part of an EAV (Entity, Attribute, Value) table. This is one of the most difficult and inefficent ways to store data in a relational database... It is easy to code and put data into the database, but practically impossible to get the data back out efficiently.

    If you know exactly what rules were used to put the data into this table, then you can possibly get the data back out. Without knowing those rules and every detail of absolutely every exception, the data is just a pile without order or value.

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