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    Unanswered: Problem upgrading from v9.0 to v9.1

    I want to upgrade from v9.0 to 9.1 (I use PostgreSQL for Windows) using a backup of my actual DB and then restoring it to the new version. Reading the documentation, I see that it is recommended to perform a pg_dump with version 9.1. I have both versions installed using ports 5432 and 5433, so the 2 services are running. So, I change to folder "bin" of v9.1 and type the pg_dump command but I get a message telling me that the database I am trying to backup does not exist and this is obvious because such a DB was created with v9.0. I will very much appreciate any advice.

    Jorge Maldonado

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    Take the dump of the database in compressed format using new version of pg_dump binary.

    Syntax: /usr/local/pgsql91/bin/pg_dump -Fc -v -p 5432 -f <dump file location> <database name>

    nohup /usr/local/pgsql91/bin/pg_dump -Fc -v -p 5432 -h localhost -f /export/raid/backup/postgres.dmp postgres >> /tmp/dump.log2 2>> /tmp/dump.log2 &

    -P => port number of old cluster
    -Fc => compressed format
    -v => verbose output
    -f => location of dump file to store and dump file name

    NOTE: Assuming old cluster running on the 5432 port number

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