I have designed a report to return when a task is due. The Due Date is calculated in a formula in a subreport based on several conditions. My record selection is {?Pm-?End Date}>={@*Date due*}. The formula and parameter are working well. I want the record selection to operate based only on the most recent Due Date. In other words, this task is done every 90 days. I want my report to show me all the tasks that have not been done up to the End Date. My End Date is 4/30/12. If this task was done on 12/1/11 and again on 3/1/12. It is showing as due in my report based on the 12/1/11 date when it is actually not due until 6/1/12. How do I get the record selection to return data based only on the most recent date? Thanks for your help.