So i have db that creates job numbers based on standard autonumber. I am working in another db and have linked to that db for info. I have a form that populates a table (tblitems for job transfer). This form is called frmJob Ticket. I want to create a auto number for job tickets for each job. For example:

(txtboxjobnumber) = 10932 (txtboxticketnumber) = 0001

When the jobnumber box is updated with a certain job number i want the ticket number to update with the next available number for that job number.
I want to place a button on frmswitchboard called New Ticket. Afterclick open frmJob Ticket (pop up) enter jobnumber in jobnumbertxtbox with an afterupdate vba for the tickettxtbox. I will then also use
    Private Sub jobnumber_AfterUpdate()
Const cQuote = """"  'Thats two quotes
Me.jobnumber.DefaultValue = cQuote & Me.jobnumber.Value & cQuote
end sub
and the same code for ticket txtbox so that the values remain to enter records under those values.

I'm having trouble figuring out the autonumber. Any ideas?