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    Unanswered: Between Dates

    I have a database of invoices and payments that I am organizing by sales quarter.
    I have built my query of customers, invoices and payments

    From here I need to collect payments between sales quarter dates.
    I tested my PDATE field for this quarter using criteria Between #2/11/2012# And #4/13/2012#
    SQL: WHERE (((qryslmSnapshot3.PDATE) Between #2/11/2012# And #4/13/2012#));

    I would like to build in between dates of each quarter, maybe returning a value such as 1 for quarter 1, 2 for quarter 2 and so on to use this query in other reports.
    Can anyone suggest the most efficient approach to do this?


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    You might try something like this:
    =Format(PDATE, "Q")
    When I run that on today's date (March 29) I get the result: 1.

    For more information, consult help on the Format() function.


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