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    Question Unanswered: Uneven # of rows into specific columns w blanks

    Hello there,

    First time posting but I felt it was the only solutions after searching the forum for a good 3-4 hours without any luck. So I have come across this HUGE database that I need to move around some data in. As for now I move every datapoint manually but there's got to be a way to do it quicker. What I'm trying to do is this:

    A___Five____Jan 2008____Nitrate____=_______1
    B___Five____Jan 2008____Chloride___=_______2
    C___Five____Jan 2008____Sulfate____=_______3
    D___Five____Nov 2010___Nitrate____=_______4
    E___Six_____Nov 2010___Nitrate____=_______5
    F___Seven___Feb 2009___Methane___=______6
    G___Seven__Dec 2011____Nitrate___=_______7
    __Location___Date_____Eq__Nitrate__Eq__Chloride__E q__Sulfate__Eq__Methane
    A___Five___Jan 2008___=____1______=_____2_____=_____3
    B___Five___Nov 2010___=___4
    C___Six___Nov 2010___=____5
    D__Seven__Feb 2009_______________________________________=_____6
    E__Seven__Dec 2010___=____7

    I hope it makes sense what I'm trying to do and hopefully somebody have had this issue before me. Or am I only wasting my time trying to do this?? Is there a way of doing it?!? If there's a way to do it in excel that would work as well.

    (underscore was the only way to keep the columns seperated in the mini tables)

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    don't do it leave the database as it is, as normalised.
    what happens if some muppet decided that you nee3d to another another contaminent to monitor

    why do you need to denormalise your db

    if its for reporting purposes you can do this using a query and not change the underlying data.

    as to using the underscore for placing stuff here, its much easier if you use the [ c o d e ] and [ / c o d e ] tags (minus the spaces)
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    I am leaving the database as it is and I'm not changing the underlying data. However, I do need to extract some data out of it and my client wants it layed out as showned above. I tried to work my way around it using querys but I'm not good enough with Access to figure it out. If anybody would like to show/tell me how to do it with querys, it would be much appriciated!

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    Let me guess. Your client wants reports, not data in a table.

    Suggestion: get rid of the "Eq" field. Of course it equals; what then does it do? What you can do is include a field reflecting the test level (e.g. ppm) or a range, etc.

    The way your table is structured, you can make a query, and a report, by location, history, chemical, or even value with no problem. Use Access' query designer; it's simple. I don't understand the confusion.


    ps. Listen to healdem. He's right.

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    Yeah, that's correct. So I have almost figured it out, except for the Eq column. I can not remove it and when it comes to queries, you can only choose one of the headers to be in the column.


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