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    Question Unanswered: All emails received as junk or spam folder


    i developed a mass mailing tools, but all mails received in junk and spam folder

    i use an store procedure 'sp_send_dbmail' which is by default in sql server,

    when i send an testing mail using object explorer ->Database mail -> right click -> send testing mails,

    then this mail received in inbox, but when i call 'sp_send_dbmail' this procedure using job with 2 min intervals then mails received in junk or spam folder of recipients..

    i configured correctly all information of smtp details ip address...

    is there is any idea related to this problem...

    why mails r received as junk or spam folder ??


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    I've moved your message thread from the Addabas forum to the Microsoft SQL Server forum. It probably wouldn't have gotten much attention, and almost certainly wouldn't have gotten a useful answer from Adabas users.

    Mass emailing is a tricky business due to the number of spammers that are costing the internet using world billions of dollars every year by innundating every email box with mountains of unwanted and often offensive messages.

    I would strongly recommend that you use an emailing service like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp to handle your mailings. These services are simpler, more effective, and in the long run more cost effective than doing it yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shibbu.issac86 View Post
    why mails r received as junk or spam folder ??
    maybe because that's what they are | @rudydotca
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