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    Question Unanswered: sql 1390c error while installing DB2 8.1 on windows 7

    HI Everyone...
    During the DB2 8.1 installation, i got an error saying that Db2instance is not defined or invalid...

    The error dialog box shows as :
    [ DB29501E DB2 has detected an inconsistent environment. Please investigate the following:

    i have checked the environment variable 'DB2INSTANCE, initially it was not set, then by entering into the MYcomputer-> Properties->Environment Variables, updated the
    'DB2INSTANCE' variable...but still getting the same error.

    so please anyone could help me out of this error.

    Operating System : windows7 Ultimate(32-bit)

    Thanks in Advance..

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    DB2 8 has been out of support for few years now, may be you should consider installing a more recent version?

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    Try using db2set and set ur default instance as DB2INST

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    1390c error

    can u tel me how to set the default instance thru db2set.

    when i tried to view the registry variables using db2set iam getting the error as DBI1305e which tells that profile registry is not yet set..

    Iam getting this 1390c error during installation itself..

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