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    Question Unanswered: PCC Access tab blank on v11 cleint (w7 64bit)

    Dear Collective,

    I had a weird event last week installing in a clients environment.

    Version 11 on 2003 server (32 bit) and a variety of clients (some 32 bit xp, some 32 bit w7, some 64 bit w7).

    I instaleld 32 bit PSQL clients on them all with no issues apart from one box (Modern HP box running w7 64bit, fully service packed).

    On that box I could not turn off the local engine - when I loaded the PCC the access tab had NO contents (blank tab with some odd text occasionally 'randomly' on it).

    I installed and uninstaleld numerous times under a domain admin account.

    On one occassion I checked the access tab - blank, fired up the client application and checked the tab again - entries (hurah), turned off the local engine at which point the local pervasive service then wouldnt start after reboot....but if i disabled the service would fire up the preload....

    I couldnt find the normal pervasive configuration entires in the registry either.

    Analyser worked with no errors (annoyingly!).

    After over an hour of playing with the machine I had to move on and do other things - just wondered if anyone had ever seen similar before???

    Many thanks in advance for reading a confusing post!


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    A few questions:
    - Which release of PSQL v11? (11.0, 11.10,etc)?
    - Does the problem box have an nVidia video card?

    A suggestion:
    Try removing the directory at C:\programdata\Pervasive Software\PSQL\rcp\workspace-pcc.
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